Digital Storyteller

Donna Leishman is an innovative electronic author who lives and works in Scotland. Her work consists of a combination of critical writing and research in digital art. She also focuses much of her work on internet/reader interactivity. Leishman, coming from a fine arts background, creates narratives based on historic and folkloric myth ("Donna").

Leishman is part of the generation of interactive online narratives - literary hypertext and hypermedia. She is one of many digital artists who tries to bring readers into their stories. For example, Leishman portrays the different states of mind of her characters in different pages of her projects, which has become an interesting addition to storytelling (Freund). By doing this, readers get an insight into the thinking and situations surrounding her characters. It creates an emotional appeal to her narratives. 

Some of her works include RedRidingHood and Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw
. These pieces, along with more information regarding her and her work, can be found on her web site

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