Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw

This work was created in September of 2004. It is based on a famous case of demonic possession. There was a young girl who lived in Scotland during the 16th century who was apparently possessed by the Devil.

This project is a nonverbal, non-textual journey with Christian Shaw, the possessed girl. The darkness of the plot is set by the foreboding music that plays throughout the journey. The reader can interact with the project in many different ways. He or she can make trees grow, "de-petal" flowers by browsing over them, select buildings to focus on and look within, and activate objects to project out of Christian's mouth. The reader, however, does not have control over the outcome of the piece (Leishman). Eventually, the reader will find the last page, which concludes the story of Christian Shaw.

Leishman is most proud of this piece and thought it was the hardest to create because it is based on a true story, not on folklore like her other works.

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